Vegas, for all its glory, entertainment, and splendor, does have a dark side. Here’s a list of five people who took on the casinos at their own game and unfortunately for them, ended up losing everything in Las Vegas!

Omar Siddiqui

Omar Siddiqui

Omar Siddiqui, the former vice president of Fry’s, is also known for racking up an insane bill at the casinos. In 2008, he was arrested for embezzlement, with the authorities charging him for illegally transferring more than $65 million. Why? Well, Siddiqui’s gambling problem came to light, which is when the authorities discovered that the money was taken for the sole purpose of paying off his gambling debt. He is known to owe money to multiple casinos and has tried a variety of things to pay off his debts but to little success. He was known to gamble extravagantly, and was said to have lost more than $8 million in a single day! Currently, he spends his time in jail on counts of money laundering, corruption, transfer fraud, and of course, embezzlement.

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