Tapeface – Extremely Great Show!

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Hello Folks, by now you know we bash the bad and praise the good. In all honesty, we don’t usually watch America’s Got Talent but almost all of the shows that have come from that show to Las Vegas have been pretty good. When you enter the X showroom at Flamingo you will find Tapeface sitting in the middle. Don’t be shy go up and ask to pose for a picture, he will do it gladly – besides, he can’t really say no!

Tapeface takes photos

Tapeface will take a photo

This one is no exception. We had no expectations for Tapeface but our key person Dawn knew about him and was very encouraging that he would be good. She was right on. We both agreed he was outstanding even if he didn’t say a word. Audience participation was crucial and I won’t ruin it by telling you what took place, but it was original, well done, and we were glued to the stage the entire show. Simply put – fantastic! Tickets gained through Tix 4 Tonight for this show but the reduction in price was only a few dollars. Buy from the Flamingo Box office instead.

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