Jarett & Raja Reviewed

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Hello folks,

Sorry for the delay in our blog. We have much to add so let’s get to it.

Jarrett & Raja

Jarrett & Raja have a great website and you can tell Shark Tank had a hand in getting them started. See¬†http://www.jarrettandraja.com. But in all honesty this brand new show is dull, boring, off key, and loud. However, the magic is for the most part good. They could do so much more and so much better. This is new so they must continue to work out the kinks but for now, we have to put them as a very weak and dull show. We were ready to leave after about 15 minutes because it just didn’t have a flow to it. There were 32 people in the audience and 25 of them were comped and not one person paid the extra for dinner so all the leftover buffet food likely was donated to a local homeless shelter. Because the show was still in trial version, it can hopefully improve. For now, give it time before you go see it. Where: Hooters.

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