Is Sin City Theater A Haven For Bad Shows?

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We always seem to find free shows at the Sin City Theater so we go. Free is free. But it seems that whatever Planet Hollywood puts there, it is destined to be a horrible show. We will put Crazy Girls as the exception to this rule.


Today you can see Xavier Mortimer’s The Dream – awful, or delight in the Sin City Comedy and Burlesque – probably just as bad as Xavier if not worse, and Sin City Comedy which appears from time to time. You can also take a chance on America’s Got Talent performer Murrary: The Celebrity Magician who should leave this theater soon before he becomes part of the “dead zone”.

There have been others that have quickly gone elsewhere such as Lisa Lambert (comedian) who performs at the Stratosphere. You see good performers know to get away from this plague filled theater. A few steps away you can See Paul Zerdin which is quite a step up.

The point of this is stay away from any show playing at Sin City Theater just to be safe.

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