Xavier Mortimer -A Dream Gone Bad

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Well folks, by now you should know we pull no punches when it comes to reviewing shows and when one is bad, we will tell you. The latest to make our worst five list is Xavier Mortimer whose show is about magic and is performed at the Sin City Theater at Planet Hollywood.


What makes this bad starts with his evil side that shows on a mirror on stage. Much of the production is done with videos which makes it too predictable.

Worse still is that this magician drops things, has terrible sleight of hand where you can see him reaching into his coat to pull out his balls, etc. There is a sidekick pretty lady in his show but she isn’t much help. The concept, flow, and bad magic bored even the children in the audience who could be seen drifting off in other directions and not even looking at the stage.

Maybe we missed something or have seen so many shows that we know the difference while others may not. If you want to be bored out of your mind, go for it. But for the rest of us who know better, you will hate this one.


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