Local Craft Brew and Music Festival at Mandalay Bay

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This event was strange. If you look at the headline in the image, you would suspect that there would be three stages or even one with these 3 bands but no, it was one stage with about 11 bands and Conflict of Interest (a local favorite) was last. False advertising or misleading advertising doesn’t bode well with us. The bands featured a lot of different styles of music of which perhaps 3 were good. I won’t name names.

The beer tasting was $40. Now if you have a designated driver or are staying at a nearby hotel, then $40 is nothing. But if you are the designated driver or not drinking a coke at $5 is stupid. You should reward those that are staying safe, not punish them.

The beers were of many varieties but the food included in the price was a bust. Overall we would say this was not much fun except for a few good bands. If you have a favorite local band and like beer, than you might like it next year, but in our opinion it was a bit disappointing.


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