Menopause The Musical – Reviewed

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This review is from the male point of view. Since your host for this blog is of the age where life changes are occurring today what better person to not only attend this show, but find something relevant to talk about. Okay enough sugar coating it. This particular dirty word is no fun for either the woman or the man. So having it put into a musical is the type of therapy we all need.

The audience for the show was particularly female oriented with ages ranging from 30 to 80. You are either pre-meno, in it, or post change but no matter what if you are in that middle age bracket somewhere you will appreciate this show. Those in the 20’s and early 30’s go away, you won’t get it.

I have to say the ladies are very talented and had me laughing and intrigued by their harmonies. The only thing we had trouble with was that it was sometimes difficult to hear the words they were singing so we only got bits and pieces of it. For the most part, however we got it.

For the man in your home going through this ordeal, I would say you should go with your wife as I did. You might score points but if she has a hot flash it won’t matter anyway!

At the end of the show, the ladies brought up all of those in the audience going through or done with the change on stage to dance a bit and celebrate life. Overall, I would say we liked it and it is a good couples night out for those in that middle age area.

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