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Da Vinci Exhibit at The Venetian

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Celebrate the life and creativity of this inventor, artist, anatomist, sculptor, engineer, musician and architect, in an acclaimed interactive exhibition that demonstrates the full scope of his remarkable innovations. There are over 200 exhibits on display including 75 large scale machine inventions, and 11 themed areas. This exhibit is only open until October 15th. Tickets […]

IMAX Theater

Where did IMAX go?

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Looks like the only place to find this is at the Palms. It used to be at Luxor but it closed down. The Orleans also has a nice movie complex near the bowling alley, but for pure IMAX you have to get to the Palms. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show! A cinematic experience. […]

Mandalay Bay

What About Shopping For Our Pets?

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This question comes up from time to time because we are always looking for gifts for our pets. We know we are not alone in this search. Unfortunately, there are just not enough places on the Strip or downtown. There is a store in the North Mall and several boutiques in Las Vegas but not any that are […]